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Lithographic Printing Kent

At Stationery Express, we can provide a range of lithography print services in the Kent area. As printing and design professionals we have the skills to provide a large selection of lithographic products and services. For more information, call our team today.

What is litho printing?

Lithography was invented in 1796 by a German Author and Actor with the aim to create cheap theatrical works in wax. However, today, litho print is made from polymer coatings which are applied to flexible metal plates, usually made from aluminium.

The lithography process involves a flat stone plate which is rough and etched slightly then divided up into hydrophilic areas with a film of water, therefore repelling the greasy ink. Hydrophobic areas repel the water and accept the ink as the surface tension is greater on the greasy image region, this remains dry and this becomes the process of lithography.

Litho printing in Kent

When it comes to litho print, it helps give clear print impressions, this is due to the soft rubber surface blanket which works on a variety of textured surfaces and materials. The main points of litho printing Is that it has an unwrinkled print appearance as well as lacking ring print and serrated edges.

Litho Printing Kent

Our lithographic printing services

When it comes to your bespoke calendar, you don’t have to stick to the conventional sizes such as A3 rectangular calendars or A4 wall planners, at Stationery Express in Kent, we have the equipment and tools to provide calendars in different shapes, sizes and colours.

The benefits of lithography

Quick and efficient process

Lithographic print is very efficient and has the ability to print 50,000 sheets meaning you can get things done concisely and effectively.

Value for money

When it comes to printing larger products, litho print is cost affective as it can print a number of products at great quality for a cheaper price.


The type of print is flexible and can be used on lots of different surfaces including leather, plastics, wood, cloth and metal and still provide a quality finish.

Our litho printed products

At Stationery Express, our lithography services cover a wide area of types and styles, guaranteeing that you receive the best quality products, our range includes…

  • Flyers
  • Leaflets
  • Letterheads
  • Business cards
  • Brochures

Call Stationery Express – your local litho printers in Kent

Should you require litho print in Kent, look no further, our team of professional printers can meet all your requirements and preferences, simply call us today!

We also provide digital printing.

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